Are there any natural Anti-Ageing remedies?

We all want to look younger for as long as we can, which is why a lot of us do what we can to stay looking good. Unfortunately it’s usually easier said than done as anti-ageing remedies can often be pretty expensive, or involve surgery.
So are there any natural anti-ageing remedies that won’t cost us a small fortune? The good news is there are quite a few. Some of those remedies include:

Water works well to prevent your skin from ageing by flushing out toxins. If you drink plenty of water each day, your skin will also retain its elasticity for a little longer. This means it will look more youthful, which is something we all want.

Quit smoking
Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your skin and for your health in general. Smokers usually look older because the skin on their face has been exposed to the poisons that are found in tobacco smoke. What’s more is when you’re older you’re more likely to develop wrinkles around your mouth because they have formed each time you purse your lips to hold a cigarette or cigar in your mouth.


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Quitting smoking will not repair the damage that has already been done to your skin, but it will stop it from getting any worse. After a month or so your skin will start to look a little fresher, and you won’t develop as many wrinkles either.

Stay out of the sun
The sun dries out our skin and can cause wrinkles, so you need to avoid the sun if you want to stay looking young. If you must go out when the sun is beating down, wear a heat and shades. Don’t forget the sun tan lotion, and keep yourself hydrated. If you really want to wear a tan, buy some fake tan rather than exposing your skin to the suns’ harmful rays.

Eat more fruit & vegetables
Fruit and vegetables are naturally high in antioxidants, so the more you eat the more toxins will be flushed out. Getting your 5 a day can be great for your skin, so workout how to include them in your diet.


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Moisturizing can help your skin to look younger, so make sure you use some each day. Some of the more expensive moisturizers work well, but only while you’re using them. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a moisturizer, but make sure you look for one that contains vitamin E. This vitamin can help to repair your skin and keep it younger looking.

The Benefits of Eating Raw Food

1. Rich in nutrients – Raw foods are so much better for you than cooked foods. When you boil or steam your vegetables you’re getting rid of a lot of the nutrients. This means you won’t benefit from eating the food as much as you would think.

2. Natural energy – Raw foods give you natural energy, so try a raw carrot, an apple or an orange and see how much extra energy you have.

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3. Weight loss – This type of food will help you to lose weight. This is because raw fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fibre. Fibre fills you up and can help you say ‘Goodbye’ to those sugary and salty food cravings that make you pile on the pounds.

4. Fewer dishes to wash – Another benefit of raw food is you won’t have as many dishes to wash once you’re done. Although this may not seem like a big deal, if you have a large family you’ll know how quickly the dishes and cutlery can pile up in no time at all.

5. Great for the environment – Eating raw food is great for the environment because it means there’s less packaging for you to throw away. This of course means less packaging is sent to landfill, which is wonderful.

6. Great for your bowels – When you eat raw food your bowels are going to thank you. You’re likely to visit the bathroom more often, which is a good thing. We need to keep our bowels healthy, so make sure you have enough fibre in your diet to keep them working properly.


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7. An appreciation of nature – You appreciate nature a little more. When you buy packaged, ready meals you’re not really in touch with nature. As soon as you switch to a raw food diet, you’ll see what tasty treats nature can provide you wish. This will help you to appreciate the wonder of nature a little more, especially when you drop a few dress sizes.

8. Younger looking skin – Because of the high levels of antioxidants that naturally occur in raw fruits and vegetables, your body will flush out more toxins. This will help your skin to look better, and it will even slow down the aging process a little too.

As you can see there are some great benefits to eating raw foods, so why not make a change to your eating plan today?

More info can be found here on Raw Food Diets

Rebounding: A great new way to get fit and healthy

Rebounding is a great new way to exercise and get in shape. This relatively new concept stems from professional trampolining and works to build strength, get you into shape and to help you lose weight.
Using a variety of different movements such as running, twists, turns and even dance moves, rebounding is quickly becoming a great way to get fit again.

Does it work?
Any physical activity that increases your heart rate will help you to get into shape. Rebounding works by using a lot of different muscles at once, and it gets your heart pumping too as you’re constantly on the move.

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Rebounding can help to build your leg muscles, your abs, your back muscles and so much more. There are groups of rebounding exercises that work on your upper body too, which means you can get a full body workout, without ever lifting any weights.

Fewer chances of injuries
The good news is that rebounding is unlikely to cause you many injuries. This is because you will primarily be using your body’s weight against itself. This means you are less likely to injure yourself compared with exercising using weights. This is because you’re putting less strain on your muscles and ligaments.

Rebounding classes
There are many rebounding classes springing up all over the country, which means there’s bound to be one near you. Classes are great if you want to enjoy getting fit with friends, and you’re also after a bit of motivation too. That being said, if you wish to exercise in the privacy of your own home, it’s fairly easy for you to do just that. As long as you have the right equipment and perhaps a workout DVD, you should find it relatively easy to make rebounding an important part of your daily routine.


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Rebounding can be good as part of a recovery plan for certain stress related conditions including ME/CFS, where a gentle exercise is necessary. It also has the benefits of stimulating the lymphatic system which is helpful when considering any kind of treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because the lymphatics need to be driven by body movement in order to remove toxins essential for the relief of chronic fatigue symptoms.

The Benefits of Water in your Diet

We all know that drinking enough water is good for us. Water helps us to stay hydrated, and it can also help us to flush out toxins, but are there any other benefits to it?

The good news is that ensuring you have enough water in your diet can:

1. Make skin look better because all those nasty toxins will be flushed out.
2. Help you sleep better, the more hydrated you are, the better your sleep will be. The body needs plenty of water during the day, but also at night. At night you can sweat without even realizing you’re hot. If you have enough fluids you won’t wake up hot and thirsty.

No reason needed, I just like the condensation.

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3. Make you feel less stressed, this is because your body needs water to function properly. If you don’t have enough of it you won’t be able to relax properly. Dehydration can cause stress as your body will be trying to function without sufficient fluids.
4. Be great for your kidneys. Your kidneys need to have a lot of water through them each day so they can flush out all those nasty toxins. The more water you have, the better your kidneys are likely to function. You can easily tell if you’re getting enough water by looking at the color of your urine. Your urine should be the color of hay, if it’s any darker it means you’re dehydrated so make sure you up your fluid intake.
5. Help with weight loss. This is where you need to be sensible, but if you are then you’ll find that drinking water at the right time could help to shed some weight. Some people like to drink a small glass of water before a meal. This is because it helps to fill them up a little bit. This method can help with weight loss, but you need to make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet so you’re not missing out on vital nutrients.


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Now you’ve learnt how good water is for your body, it’s time to grab a glass of the good stuff and keep yourself hydrated.

Improve your Heart Health

Making sure you have a healthy heart is vital as your heart is what keeps you going. If your heart is not as healthy as it could be, you may find yourself susceptible to a wide range of illnesses and conditions. The good news is there are a few things you can do to ensure your heart health is improved.
Quit smoking – smoking can lead to heart attacks, strokes, cancer and many other conditions. One of the best things you can do for your whole body is to quit smoking. If you cannot give up straight away, try cutting down each day. You’ll feel so much better for it, and your heart will thank you.

Exercise more – exercise is good for your heart because it helps to strengthen it. Exercises that get your heart pumping (Particularly cardio vascular exercises) are very good for you. Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week.


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Reduce stress – when you’re stressed your heart is affected, as is your overall physical and your mental health too. Deal with your stress and try to get rid of it or manage it so your heart doesn’t pound in your chest and make you even more worried about your health.

Eat healthy fats – healthy fats such as those found in olive oil and fish can be good for your heart. They can protect your heart against a wide variety of conditions. Adding more healthy fats to your diet will make you feel so much better, and you’re likely to look better too.

Cut down on cholesterol – cholesterol can build up in your arteries and cause them to become blocked. This could lead to a heart attack or stroke, which could be life threatening. Cut down or cut out a lot of foods that are high in cholesterol so the risk is reduced.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to improve your heart health, so make sure you take note and make a difference to your health, and your life.